Shipping policy

We offer the fastest shipping service by using UPS and USPS carriers and great warehouse storging system.


Handling: 2-3 Business Days 

Shipping: 2-5 Business Days (Only within US)


Please keep in mind that shipping time may vary depending on the shipping locations.

We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and any island territory.


It is 100% free fast shipping. We also provide free return shipping labels as we only care about our customers’ satisfaction. However, please keep in mind that any facbricated or unreasonable return can be rejected. Please review our return policy for more details.

  • The delivery time frame mentioned in product details is estimated. Actual delivery time depends upon availability, the address where the order needs to be delivered and courier issues and other circumstances that might affect delivery. 
  • Each order would be shipped only to a single destination address specified at the time of payment for that order. If you wish to ship products to different addresses, you shall need to place multiple orders
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