1. What is a UV Sterilizer?
UV Sterilizer is designed to kill germs on any object placed inside the compartment through UV-C light in just a few minutes without using any additional chemicals.

2. What can I disinfect in UV 360?
UV Sterilizer can disinfect any personal items such as keys, earphones, make-up tools, watches, rings, credit cards, etc. In case you suspect that the item may be sensitive to UV-C light, please get in touch with us before placing it inside the UV Sterilizer.

3. Can I put any metal products?
Any metal products such as scissors, jewelries, and nail tools are safe to sterilize. However, please avoid strong magnetic products. 

4. How long does UV light last?
All UV lights inside UV 360 could usually last for 10,000 hours

5. Is the UV Sterilizer water-proof?
No, the UV Sterilizer is not water-proof or water resistant. We recommend not to put any wet items. Also, please use dry air or dry cleaning towels to clean inside. 

6. Is there a warranty on UV 360?
Edelorn is providing 1 year warrently for UV 360. If there are any function issues or performance failures within the period, always feel free to contact us.

7. How long do I need to sterilize?
Usually small items (phones, watches, etc) require at least 3 mins for full sterilization. For any medium-sized items (masks, wallets, glasses), 5 mins is recommended. Large items (underwears, hats, dolls, etc) require at least 10 mins sterilization. It may go up to 30 mins depends on the complexity of the surface. Please visit Edelorn Tip for more details

8. Can I charge my phone while using the UV Sterilizer?
Yes, the UV Sterilizer comes with a wireless charging system on the rotation core. You can easily charge your phone while the disinfection process is going on for other items.

9. Can I replace UV light bulbs?
Unfortunately, all UV light builbs are not replaceable.

10. Is UV 360 suitable with 220v?
Yes, you may use 220v adaptor to use UV 360. 

11. Are the UV lights mercury free?
UV 360 is definitely mercury free and no ozone generated during sterilizing. It is always safe and environment friendly. 

12. Does UV 360 have any certifications?
UV 360 has acquired CE, FCC, EPA, ROSH, QI, REACH, Microbiological test report, Quality report. It has been proven that it has 99.9% rate of killing germs, viruses, and bacteria. 

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