Prepare for Second Wave. Be aware of Viruses.

UV 360 

360° rotating UV-C Sanitizer Wireless Charger

Kills up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria

UV-C Light Technology

Wireless phone charging

Timing control


“UV Light is now one of the weapons zapping the Coronavirus”

“FAR-UV-C is now being used to kill viruses, even with humans around”

“Entire organ systems can start to shut down, one after another, including the lungs and heart.”

Wash your hands?

There are bacteria and viruses everywhere on your belongings.


Bill Gates on Covid:

“US Tests Are Completely Garbage, we should largely be able to end this virus by the end of 2022.”

“My entire body was hurting, my eyes were hurting from the headache and I just couldn’t take it anymore, it was just too much to deal with.”

Studies have shown that when SARS, another Coronavirus, was exposed to UVC for a few minutes, the virus was “completely inactivated.”


“Recovery from lung damage takes a long time” It may reach to a level where you cannot recover your lungs. All people should recognize how critically serious this is.


99.9% disinfection

Kills up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria

UV-C light

UV-C technology kills all microorganisms, not emiting ozone

Wireless charging

Experience 15W fast wireless phone charging during sterilization. 

Timing control

Choose how long you want to sterilize (3/5/10/30 mins) based on what you put.

Viruses are everywhere

UV-C light kills everything

Available For Limited Time

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